Try to Do 288 Ws flash - повыситель напряжения 24В->500В

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Try to Do 288 Ws flash - повыситель напряжения 24В->500В

Непрочитанное сообщение Yasser ElKaissarly » 28 сен 2012, 00:53

found on the internet a great website talking about coil gun ... uction.htm

It shows 3 easy circuits to build. I pick this one..

Input: 12-24VDC Output:500V DC
Coil Data:
- 30 turns, 3-4 layers, 22awg "0.65mm" wire
- Ferrite core “Dimensions 0.5 Inch Diameter and 1 inch long” or “Dimensions 1.27 cm Diameter and 2.54 cm long”
- Switch IGBT: 600V @ 40 A rms
- Diode (D3): 1000V @ 12 A rms, 120 A surge FRED (Fast recovery)
- Time of charge: 24V / 288 Ws= 2.5 Sec or 12V / 288 Ws= 10 Sec


It’s working with one coil “It’s so easy to build” and the famous 555 timer as oscillator and One IGBT. I complete the circuit with Trigger transformer and Xenon lamp and speaker.
Would you please check it if it’s right or wrong because I will use it as portable flash.

To download Circuit in splan format "spl"

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