Shoot SD-9a блок питания для Nikon, аналог Nikon SD-9a

Преобразователи 6В-330В, 12В-330В и другие для автономной работы от внешних аккумуляторов.
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Shoot SD-9a блок питания для Nikon, аналог Nikon SD-9a

Непрочитанное сообщение Impulsite » 17 май 2013, 16:46

на странице имеются фотографии блока питания Shoot SD-9a на 6 батарей типоразмера АА, предназначенного для вспышек Nikon SB-900 и SB-910.

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Brooke Clarke писал(а):Optional DC Power for the SB-900
The SB-900 runs on 4 internal AA batteries that can be pretty much any chemistry (primary or secondary). These power the electronics and flash.
When an external battery pack, such as any of the SD-x series, they supply 300 Volts to the flash capacitor to lower the recycle time. The external pack does not replace or supplement the internal pack. There's no need to match cells between the internal and external packs. But all the internal batteries should be very much the same. All the batteries used in the external pack should be very much the same.

SD-7 holds 6 "C" batteries and 3 female terminal plug
SD-8A holds 6 "AA" batteries and 3 female terminal plug uses coil springs (higher resistance than straps)
SD-9 holds either 4 or 8 AA batteries
SD-9A holds 6 "AA" batteries and 3 female terminal plug has lower resistance contacts than the SD-8A

The current draw when the flash is recharging exceeds 1 Amp, the limit of my bench power supply.
1, White = control
2, Black = Ground
3, Red = 300+ Volts DC just after a flash, near zero the rest of the time. Marked 330 V

I've cut a hole in the carry bag so that you can see the charging LED.

When connected at idle there is almost no current draw from the string of 6 batteries. Note it does not matter how these batteries compare to those installed in the SB-900. But all 6 batteries need to be the same brand, model and state of charge. Since the auxiliary supply is a HV supply the SB-900 needs to have 4 operational AA batteries installed for it to work, i.e. you can not power the SB-900 with just the auxiliary supply.

If you have a schematic of the SB-900 or other Nikon Flash that accepts the same 3 prong plug let me know. I'm wondering if you could just connect a capacitor charged to 330 Volts to the Red and Black terminals. A potential problem would be that the energy stored in the external cap might burn out the Xenon flash tube. If you have a dead SB-800 or SB-900 that could be used for testing let me know. The problem is if the camera wants a lot of light the flash tube will be on for much longer than it would be if powered by just the internal 4 AA batteries and that might fry it.

I used to have a Stroboflash IV which used a couple of 510 V batteries (AFAICR). Using a similar system with the SB-900 might be interesting in that there would be almost no recycle time needed between flashes.

SK-6 Power Bracket - allows mounting flash at side of camera + has a 4 AA battery holder to shorten recycle times.
SF-17 - 6 AA
SF-18 - 8 AA
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